Matriculation-Based Induction In Pakistan Navy

Pakistan Navy typically inducts Sailors on a matriculation basis thrice a year, and these Sailors are of various types according to their specific domains.

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The Course is advertised in the newspaper twice times for the Marines and Technical Sailors and one time for the Non-Technical Sailors and those with a Diploma.


A person whose job it is to work as a member of the crew of a naval ship or boat, especially one who is below the rank of officer.

Sailors are further divided into some categories.

Pakistan Navy Technical Sailors: These mainly include the candidates applying for various technical branches of the Pakistan Navy like the Operation Branch, Marine Engineering Branch, Logistic Branch, and so on. The training period for technical sailors is four months, which includes basic training. Then, after successful completion of their training, they are sent to their respective trade/branch, such as operational, marine engineering, logistics, and so on. The further training period is different for each trade, and it usually is between 2-3 years and can vary according to the trade you will join. You can continue your further studies along with your job. So, studying further is quite simple in this case.

Pakistan Navy Non-Technical Sailors: These include the youngsters interested in the Non-Technical Branch of the Pakistan Navy, mainly in the Marines, Naval Police ( Duty is to issue cards and other administrative roles), and Steward ( Duty is to look after the passengers on a ship).

Mariners in the Pakistan Navy: Opportunities are available for candidates with 10 years of education (Matriculation) to join the Marine Branch of the Pakistan Navy. Mariners are the elite commandos whose primary purpose is to provide security to the Naval Force. They are usually deployed to protect Naval Units and work as a Quick Reaction Force in case of invasion. They are typically deployed in coastal areas and usually travel to foreign countries for training. The training period is 8-9 months, and it is generally challenging for a Mariner to undergo the tough training.

Female Medical Technicians in the Pakistan Navy: Female candidates can apply for the Female Medical Technicians position in the Pakistan Navy on a matriculation basis, and they usually undergo a training period of a few months in a nursing college at PNS Shifa Karachi. After completing their training, they are sent to different medical fields as medical technicians, such as pharmacy, x-ray, or general nursing department.

Pay Scale: Normally, all of them have a pay scale of 7, and some may have up to 8, like the Naval Police.

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