Inter Services Selection Board- Overview

ISSB stands for Inter Services Selection Board. It’s a board designed to select all the commissioned officers in the Armed Forces of Pakistan.

No officer can join the Pakistan Armed Forces without getting a recommendation letter from this board. So, the Inter-Services Selection Board judges the candidates for various qualities according to their requirements. All the selected candidates from the initial interview are advised to visit the four centers of ISSB, namely:

  • ISSB Kohat
  • ISSB Gujranwala
  • ISSB Malir
  • ISSB Quetta

Tests At ISSB Center

  • Psychologist Tests
  • Group Testing Officer (GTO’s) Test
  • Deputy President Interview

We will discuss all the tests’ names, details, and evaluations separately.


The usual stay duration for a candidate at the ISSB center is 4-5 days. During their stay, they are not allowed to keep any communication device along with them and are bound not to leave the premises of the ISSB center till the completion of all the tests.

Facilities At ISSB Center

You are provided with all the necessities like a room, bed, washrooms, mess, and Prayer Area. On your departure, every candidate is provided with the Travelling Allowance that may ease their journey.

After ISSB

The successful candidates from this test undergo a Final Medical Test at their corresponding Military Hospitals before their Final Selection for their respective courses.

ISSB Recommendation

No doubt, the ISSB recommendation is an outstanding achievement. Still, the recommendation does not confirm your selection in the armed forces, and it is further subjected to the Final Medical Test and Final Merit List prepared by the corresponding Headquarters of all three forces of Pakistan.

ISSB Recommendation Validity

The ISSB Recommendation Letter is valid for one year, and you can avail yourself of the same ISSB Result in any other course of Pakistan Armed Forces in case you are not selected for a specific course.

ISSB Chances:

Usually, each candidate can avail of 2 chances of the ISSB Test after 12 years of study, with some exceptions, like if a candidate gets recommended in any course but does not make himself through the final merit list. His chance will not be considered as availed. However, he will be viewed as a low-merit recommended candidate.

Twice Not Recommendation From ISSB

Twice Not Recommendation from ISSB means the end of a candidate’s chances to join the Armed Forces of Pakistan. Still, he is eligible for a third ISSB chance after graduation for some supporting courses we discussed separately.

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