Ineligibility Conditions For Pakistan Air Force

Some conditions are applicable, and the candidates are subjected to Ineligibility if they fall under any of the following conditions.

  • If a candidate is declared permanently unfit on medical grounds for any of the tri-armed forces. He/She is ineligible to apply for Pakistan Air Force’s Matric Based Induction.
  • If a candidate simultaneously applies for the same course at different centers (like Lahore and Faisalabad), he/she will fall under the ineligibility criteria. So, apply once at a single center according to your feasibility. It does not mean that you can’t change your center. If candidates select the Faisalabad center and unfortunately he/she was not selected, then the next time when he/she will apply, they can change their center but do not apply at 2 centers simultaneously for the same course.
  • If a candidate is dismissed from any Government Sector, Government Office, or Training Institute on discipline or medical grounds, he/she is not allowed to join the Pakistan Air Force.
  • If a candidate is sentenced to punishment and found convicted by any court of Pakistan, he/she is ineligible to apply for the Pakistan Air Force.
  • If a candidate tries to manipulate his documents or makes fake documents, then he/ she is subjected to ineligibility.
  • If a candidate fails to pass the initial test thrice and does not make his way up to the final list, he is not eligible to apply.
  • Wrong or Fake information provided during online registration may also subjected to ineligibility. However, mistakenly written information in the online registration form can be corrected on your test date while verifying your documents.

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